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The supplier of the highest quality wood products includes all types of raw, colored, opaque, glossy and super highlighting MDFs in the kitchen cabinets, all kinds of decoration and wall cabinets; the most suitable and ideal cabinets for wallcoverings; alternative stones; Cost effective instead of ceramic and stone for use in the space between the cabinets and the walls inside the elevator. Conference halls and etc.

High Glass with a glossy PVC finish gives you a special touch to your interior decoration; the polyglass with the advantage of being coated on a single sheet with two shiny opaque faces simultaneously; high color glossy and colorful chipboard; High-quality coating can be supplied in a variety of sizes; Raw PVC is the best material produced and can be used in the bathroom and the sauna and the pool, and the material is completely waterproof. In its website, Tabriz Wood has tried to introduce all the goods and colors that it presents in the product sector so customers can easily view the colors presented in the product tab. You can also contact us at the following address to see nearby products

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To contact the Rahbari of the trade Tabriz Wood From phone numbers +98-4182288888+98-4136375604-7 by E-mail: Info@tabrizwood.com and web page tabrizwood.com Rahbar trade location is Number 24 Second 12 Meter’s Inside First West Alley , Marzdaran Tabriz Iran

At the beginning of the business, the leadership of the company produced wooden doors and sold oak, maple, alder…. Boards. Haji Buick rahbari started his work with the leader and the sons of and after several years of production the rahbari Commerce by their eldest son Mr. Haj Gholam Reza Rahbari works customers and continue. With more than a century of long history in the field of domestic woodworking business to woody markets, it has been proud that Mr. rahbari has been able to lead the Rahbari commercial business, the latest wooden products and production achievements of major countries, including Russia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China, with the latest technology and technology in the world. With the constant pursuit and success of divine success, we have been able to offer you the most diverse products as one of the suppliers of the Islamic Republic of Iran wood market to your dear producers and consumers.

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