Polygloss products are among the most commonly used ones due to the wide range of designs and colors, and the distinctive characteristics of durability and affordable prices.
It is one of the most commonly used glossy MDFs in the European market. Due to its specific method and high production quality, it is one of the most prominent products in the world market. It is a type of plastics coating called Plexiglas. Plexiglas is like transparent glass. The plexiglas is a kind of polycarbonate that looks like glass, but lighter and more durable than the glass. Most board boards are one side, with one side covered with a protective layer like cellophane, and the other side, a white look made of melamine and paper.

In the polyfacies, a 75-micron layer of polyester is pressed on the surface of one side of the double-sided melamine sheet, and the final color of the sheet is determined by the color of the melamine layer that is coated with polyester, and over time, no color change In melamine and polystyrene sheets do not occur. The surface resistance of these scratch-resistant sheets is so high that it allows you to clean surfaces with a sponge without scratching.


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