MDF, or medium density fibreboard, is both stronger and denser than chipboard and can be used similarly to plywood. Raw MDF boards are ideal for renovations and furniture

Articles made mistreatment colored MDF can solely need a transparent end to seal the surface once the panels are given a finishing sand. this can bring out the total color, that is integrated into the terribly fibers of the panel.

Every care is taken to confirm the color of a personal panel is at intervals internal controls. As is that the case with any product factory-made employing a coloring method, variations in color or hue could occur because the individual wood fibers take up varied amounts of the dye, with some colors additional prone to color variations than others. Use of panels from at intervals identical batch of one thickness beside careful choice before final incorporation can minimize this natural characteristic and provide the most effective risk of achieving uniformity of color throughout your project.

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Raw MDF 16 mm 1220×2440

Raw MDF 16 mm  1220×2800

Raw MDF 16 mm 1830×3660

Raw MDF 8 mm  1220×2440

Raw MDF 8 mm  2200×2800

Raw MDF 6 mm  1220×2440

Raw MDF 3 mm  1830×2440

ام دی اف خام (MDF)
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