Raw chipboard

Chipboard is made by compressing tiny wood pieces using glue. Its main advantage is that it can be produced from wood pieces that have been discarded and this saves unnecessary cutting of trees in wood application.

Chipboard is produced from forest by products. Once the forest is thinned, sawdust is connected. The tiny pieces of wood that remained from the milling process and are no longer useful for other applications will be granulated into wood chips and incorporated into the sawdust.

The mixture is produced into slurry utilizing urea formaldehyde and less toxic binders in accordance to where and how the chipboard will be used. Then it will be subjected to heat and pressure to eliminate the moisture and form the wood chips to panels.

Chipboard is several in various densities, depending on how the product is going to be used. Its normal density is actually is soft which is inappropriate in which strength is the key. On the other hand, medium density ones have more fiber increasing the strength and hardness. High density is the strongest is often used where rigidity is necessary.

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chipboard 16 mm 2100 × 3660 

chipboard 16 mm 1830 × 3660 

chipboard 16 mm 1250×2500 

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